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Unity Philosophy

  • God is all there is, present everywhere, and absolute good.
  • Human beings are created in the image of God and our very essence is divine; therefore, we are inherently good.
  • We create our life experiences through our way of thinking.
  • Our lives can be changed and transformed through the power of prayer.
  • Knowing these principles is not enough; we must live the truth we know. .

This church is affiliated with Unity Worldwide Ministries. We are also affiliated with Unity School of Christianity, publisher of the Daily Word devotional magazine. Our primary teacher is Jesus, whose message is love- love of God, love of others, and love of ourselves. We are committed to encourage and inspire spiritual and personal growth through practical, relevant Christianity and loving service. Unity’s prayer ministry, Silent Unity, is available for 24/7 prayer support. To learn more about Unity visit unity.org.

Unity of Irving History

“It started with love, light, and prayers and was divinely guided to the present”

In 1971 thirty people met in the home of Alice and Bill Fruman to organize and plan what was to become Unity of Irving. Rev. Marie Paben Juneau led the group to rent the space above Christies Furniture Store, which was located at 1615 W Irving Blvd. Unity of Irving was dedicated September 5, 1971 and a certificate of incorporation was filed with the state of Texas May 5, 1972.

Unity of Irving’s first property was purchased in 1977 at 2625 W. Shady Grove. Following this, Rev. Marie felt that the church was standing on its own two feet and decided to move on. Rev. Nita Buckley took over the role of minister and the church continued to grow.

In 1983, a builder expressed interest in the property on Shady Grove and offered in exchange the property he owned at 210 Virginia and the building framework. Having outgrown the space on Shady Grove, Unity of Irving accepted the offer and church members completed the finish out of the property.

Rev. Bill King became minister in 1984. During Bill’s time the church’s name was changed to New Horizons Community Church and plans were made to build a new building.

Rev. Orville and Peggy Grove became ministers shortly after and it was decided that we would add on to the existing structure instead of building a new building. They oversaw the structural changes to the building and changed our name to Unity of Irving.

In 1992, Rev. Tom Shumacher became our minister after some time as a guest speaker. At that time attendance on Sundays had dwindled to the teens on an average Sunday. Through Rev. Tom’s leadership the church was able to grow once again. He served the church until July 2002.

Rev. Sharon Almond became minister in June 2002 after her graduation from Unity School of Christianity. She was with the church until March 2006 when she left to move closer to her ailing mother.

In the interim, Unity of Irving enjoyed guest speakers for over a year. In August 2007, Reverends Frank and Margaret Pounders came to speak and by October of the same year they agreed to come out of retirement and lead the church.

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