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Current Message Series

Dear Friend,

One of the most important (if not the most important) things we can do is to pray.  Yet many folks never consciously pray or, if they do, it is repeating by rote some words taught at an early age.  You know: “Now I lay me down to ; sleep…”  or “Bless this food…” or “ Our Father who art in heaven…”

Don’t misunderstand.  These are marvelous prayers and should be prayed.  In fact, Jesus told the multitudes in the Sermon on the Mount to “Pray like this” and the Lord’s Prayer followed (Matthew 6:9-13).

Yet Jesus did not use that prayer alone.  Far from it. He often prayed to God in all kinds of situations.  It was his way of releasing any need he had and knowing that God is in charge.  It was also his habit to express thanks to God for providing the answer.  We also assume that Jesus was open and receptive to the divine inspiration that was bound to follow.

It is almost as if, when his humanness became overwhelmed, he would turn it over to God and find renewed peace and confidence.   Too, when faced with situations of healing or providing that were beyond physical manipulations, he would thank God and then declare the healing done and the needs met by spiritual means.

By his example, Jesus showed each of us that we should constantly pray in the same way.  We should meet each: seemingly overwhelming situation; each need of healing; each requirement for food, clothing or shelter; each satisfying moment—with thanks to God and a declaration of the divine guidance and action that comes knowing that God is in charge.

It worked for Jesus. It works for each of us.  There is no more wonderful discovery you can make than to learn how to effectively pray.

Along with the power of the World Day of Prayer, our Sunday sharing will include some techniques for obtaining positive results from the guidance we receive from our prayers.

Please join us and bring family and friends.  They deserve to know too.

God is answering you right now!


Frank and Margaret






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Sunday Class-Dynamics for Living by Charles Fillmore
World Day of Prayer, Thursday, September 14th 6:30PM
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